The GATE – Branding Case Study

The Gate is a brand identity experiment that I conducted focusing around a fictional movie distribution company. The idea was to create a company that solved a universal “problem” and focus largely on sustainability. The “problem” I encountered was more of a question. Why are DVD cases a different size than a standard CD case when the disc is the same size?


The logo was primarily focused on being a strong and recognizable mark that hinted at the idea of being a company with sustainable goals. I feel that companies try and exploit their mission statements more as call to actions to drive sales instead of fully embodying those goals. So I felt the “G” being in the shape of the typical recycle symbol was a good compromise of those goals.

Brand Guidelines

The overall brand focused on a combination of structure and a little film nostalgia. The structure coming from the strong use of a grid and grid pattern, and the nostalgia coming from the gold and silver color palette. The type choice was meant for a combination of readability and contrast with a really bold sans serif for headers, and a classic traditional font for the body copy.


The posters were a fun accessory project to showcase the potential to have a design service for the movies that couldn’t generally afford it. Considering not every film has the multi-million dollar budget, some really good stories could get lost in the financial money pit that is post-production.


A relatively straightforward solution seemed to use the now-forgotton CD cases as packaging for DVDs, Blurays, etc. With the physical product being the same size and general weight, I personally felt the typical DVD case was unnecessary. So with that in mind, it would cut down on resources all the way around again re-emphasizing that sustainability mindset.