2015 Granite Games – Case Study

The 2015 Granite Games is a 3 day fitness event that gathers some 1,500 athletes together to compete in multiple different divisions. The focus of the event is to produce a world class experience for your every day fitness enthusiast and make them feel like a professional athlete. This is made possible by an extraordinary team of mostly volunteers and I’m extremely grateful to have been apart of it.

I was the creative director and graphic designer for the event and a major part in all print material, social media, two website builds, as well as a host of other projects. The following is a case study of some of my work for the event.

Logo Redesign

Moving into 2015, the Granite Games had a new title sponsor whose logo had to be integrated with the existing event logo. The general direction was to keep the existing framing but update the logo while integrating our awesome new title sponsor, Kill Cliff. I felt it was a good opportunity to really go through and update the typography as well as create more emphasis on the brand name. The number one thing I didn’t like about the old logo was that “The” had the same emphasis as “Granite Games.” With the change in our name to the “Kill Cliff Granite Games,” it seemed like the perfect time to regain a bit of brand equity and emphasize the event rather than a complimenting element.

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Event Apparel

We have a wealth of divisions at an event such as this and with that comes apparel that signifies what people do so they’re easily recognizable. From a design standpoint it needs to be very readable and user friendly, but we also want folks to enjoy wearing the shirt so it has to be aesthetically appealing as well.

Event Merchandise

In contrast to the “event apparel,” the merchandise was an opportunity to have a little more creative freedom. There were a couple campaigns we had going on throughout the year and so we used this opportunity to allow people to rally around those sayings and walk away with a sweet tee.

Event Feedback

Well run event with so many different types of athletes! So much fun!

Sarah Schultz


Fantastic event run by an extraordinary crew! From Elite to scaled every division was treated like a real athlete down to the very last detail! Truly amazing experience can’t wait till next year!!

Devon Owings


The event was extremely well organized. The volunteers did an amazing job! Great event. Great people. Looking forward to next year!

Kathy Ljubicic

2015 Masters Competitor

Granite Games Qualifier Site

The Qualifier website was used to host our online competition that would, in turn, allow people to compete on the floor as an ASRX or Pro competitor. The general functionality of the site was a two-part process. The first was to make people aware of the event and attract people to participate. The second function came once the qualifier started, where it changed from being a primarily advertising platform to being a source of information for the workouts that were released each week. Overall we maintained a one-page format for the initial layout, but once the qualifier started, we flushed it out into multiple pages to make it more user friendly.

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Granite Games Primary Site

The overall event site is similar in a lot of ways to the Qualifier site. Once the event starts, the function of the site truly needs to change it’s focus from giving information about the event/company to becoming an information source for what’s happening. The opening page started with a video highlight reel from the previous year and proceeded into the most important/relevant information. Building up to the event it showed our sponsor’s logos above the fold followed by our blog, and once the event started, we added in the leaderboard and event information.

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Granite Games App

This was a completely new realm for both me and the event. I did not develop this app, but instead was in charge of the general look, navigation, and maintenancing of the app during the event.

You can download the app here:

Onsite Graphics

For 2015, the owner/CEO really wanted to cloak the location in our brand. Due to budget constraints over the last few years, we’ve never had the capital to do it, but for 2015 the we had the opportunity to really up our game. In total we printed out 14 massive banners ranging from 120 sq. ft.–330 sq. ft. We added floor vinyl for lane markers as well as added branding in the center of one of our venues. Then finally we added personal name signs for each athlete/team competing.