The Fast Factory

A fairly straightforward rebrand project for a local fitness affiliate, the Fast Factory had a few issues I noticed right off the bat. The primary of which was there wasn’t any brand consistency. As you can see from the older versions, they were running on a multitude of different “logos” that felt more like an apparel line than a brand image. So my task was to take what was there, on their site and in print, and to boil it down to the most fundamental level possible and create a clear and consistent image.

In the world of CrossFit, a square is one of the most common shapes that comes to mind considering the “gym” is called a “box.” It provided a really good framing element for the strong and consistent “F” that was already there in part of the previous brand. They were also pretty invested into a font on their old website that had a more rigid, militarized look and so I decided to use that as the compliment for each program. This affiliate in particular had a wealth of programs, and so I created a pretty straightforward approach that would allow them to more-or-less pick a color and change the program name. Like a lot of small businesses, they don’t have the budget to continually re-brand or outsource design work, and so I wanted to create a system that would allow them to really take hold of their brand themselves. That was also the primary reason for the black & white imagery with the color overlays. Gyms/boxes are notorious for not having the best photography, so this allowed them to at least consistently maintain an image without the primary focus being on a grainy photo.