Cloudy Clothing Opening Night

As President of the SGDA (Student Graphic Design Association) we coordinated a design competition with a local startup/lifestyle brand. Throughout our education we felt there was a huge gap between real world projects and our classes and wanted to bridge the gap a bit. Through a few conversations we convinced both the student body and Cloudy Clothing it could be really worth while. The whole thing built up to a gallery showcase and opening night where Cloudy Clothing picked the top 3 designs with the winning design getting printed.

Submission #1 – Elevate Collaboration

This was the primary design that I submitted with my good buddy and cohort, Niko Alexander. Throughout school we always wanted to do a collaboration and used this as the perfect opportunity. He was in charge of the lettering where I was in charge of the texturing and complimenting design elements. To this day it remains one of my more favorite projects, if not simply for the collaborative experience.

Submission #2 – Summer CLDY

This design was specifically submitted to give an alt option for their summer line. I felt they had a lot of strong marks as a company and wanted to figure out a way to use their existing brand to their advantage.

Opening Night Turnout

The opening night turned out to be a pretty big success. When all was said and done, the overall engagement nearly tripled our previous competition as well as getting a local business involved. Here’s a couple snapshots from the night!